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Chemical Pumps
Between Bearings Pumps

Double suction pump (API 610 BB1)

double suction pump
   Pump size DN: 125~600 mm 
   Capacity Q: 11,000 m3/h max. 
   Head H: 180 m max.
   Operating pressure P: 2.5 MPa max.
   Operating temperature T: -20~+160ºC.

Heavy duty petrochemical process pump (API 610 BB2)

petrochemical pump
   Capacity Q: ~10,000 m3/h 
   Head H: 450 m max.
   Operating pressure P: 5.0 MPa max.
   Operating temperature T: -45~+450 ºC 

Multi-stage axially split pump (API 610 BB3)

split pumps
   Pump size DN: 40~400 mm 
   Capacity Q: 2,000 m3/h max.
   Head H: 2,500 m max.
   Operating pressure P: 25 MPa max.
   Operating temperature T: -20~+200 ºC

High pressure multi-stage casing pump (API 610 BB4)

casing pumps
   Pump size DN: 25~200 mm 
   Capacity Q: 700 m3/h max.
   Head H: 1,400m max.
   Operating pressure P: 15 MPa max.
   Operating temperature T: -50~+210 ºC

Multi-stage barrel pump (API 610 BB5)

barrel pumps
   Pump size DN: 40~200 mm 
   Capacity Q: 700 m3/h max.
   Head H: 2,500 m max. 
   Operating pressure P: 25 MPa max.
   Operating temperature T: -80~+450 ºC

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