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ESP System

Submersible Centrifugal Pump

Submersible Pump

The submersible centrifugal pump installed on the top of the electric submersible pump set can transfer the mechanical energy into potential energy and kinetic energy to lift up the well fluid to the surface of the production well.

The major components of the multistage centrifugal pumps are nickel-alloyed iron stages consisting of rotating impellers and stationary diffusers. Depending on required rates and performance, we offer two types of corrosion-resistant stages: floating type and compression type. The compression type of pumps can cover a broad range of flow rates as desired, as they can absorb great down thrust by transferring the forces downward through the pump to the protector thrust bearing. This is completely different from the floater construction, in which the thrust is absorbed by the pump stages themselves.

The geometry of the stage for all pumps is either radial-flow or mixed-flow. Typically, the radial-flow type is more efficient at flow rates lower than 380 m³/d. The mixed-flow type is more efficient at higher flow rates, and it also has improved gas handling ability. Selecting an appropriate number of stages will ensure the lift or head required for an application, and the size of each stage determines the volume of fluid through the pump. It is important to operate a pump within a certain range to ensure optimal efficiency and long run-life.For corrosive conditions, stainless steel housings can be provided, or carbon steel housings can be flame-sprayed with a monel coating if preferred. For abrasive (sandy) conditions, abrasion-resistant tungsten carbide bearings can be used throughout the pump to maintain radial stability. Higher-strength shafts are available for cases where the number of stages and load on the shaft could cause the shaft to deform or even break under normal operating conditions.

The submersible centrifugal pumps are in four series: 86, 101 (98), 130 and 172, the power frequency is 50 Hz, the lift is up to 3000 m, the displacement ranges from 22 m3/d to 5640 m3/d (166BPD at 60 Hz-42569 BPD at 60 Hz).

Besides the submersible centrifugal pumps with single stage, three stage types are available: upper stage, middle stage and lower stage and they are fitted with spline coupling to meet the requirements of combination of various series of electric submersible pump sets. The displacement and the head of same series submersible centrifugal pumps may be regulated arbitrarily.    

Oil/Gas Separator

Oil Gas Sepatartor

It has been recognized in the ESP industry that free gas entering the pump causes significant problems, such as gas locking, lower bearing lubrication, decreased efficiency, reduced flow rates etc.

The purpose of the separator is to deal with the problem of free gas. The oil/gas separator is installed between the protector and the submersible centrifugal pump.

The rotary gas separator is based on the principle of the separation of particles of different densities under the action of centrifugal force.

In the separator, a rotating field of centrifugal force is created. The separated gas is vented to the annulus, while the remaining fluid enters the pump. 

There are two kinds of separators: single stage separator and tandem gas separator.  The latter can perform the secondary separation of the free gas in the well fluid, and increase the separating effect 5%-10% more than that of the former.

Three series of separators are available: 86, 101 (98) and 130 series. They are fitted with spline coupling to meet the requirements of combination of various series of electric submersible pump sets.

For production wells with low gas content, the suction inlet of the individual submersible centrifugal pump may be used instead of the oil/gas separator. 



The protector is installed between the submersible motor and the oil/gas separator (or intake). Its function is to balance the pressure between the tubing/casing annular space and the submersible motor cavity, prevent the well fluid from entering the submersible motor, protect the motor oil inside the submersible motor from being contaminated by the well fluid, supply the submersible motor with the motor oil and sustain the axial force from the submersible centrifugal pump.

The protector consists of mechanical seal, settlement cavity (or balloon), thrust bearing, rotating shaft, shaft protecting tube, shell and connector. The bearing set is also of sliding type in structure, including one thrust bearing sustaining the axial force and some radial self-aligning bearings. The bearing cavity is full of motor oil with high dielectric strength and keeps the pressure balance between the tubing/casing annular space and itself through the connecting system.

Two types of protectors are available: multiple configurations of labyrinth and/ or labyrinth-bag chambers configurations to meet the requirements of different well conditions.

The protector is in 5 series: 86, 101 (98), 130, 143 and 172series. Different grades and structure types of protectors may be chosen according to temperature-resistant classifications of submersible motors, power magnitude, centrifugal pump lift and production well conditions.

Besides the protectors with single stage, the protectors may be of two stage types: upper stage and lower stage. They are fitted with spline coupling to meet the requirements of combination of various series of electric submersible pump sets.

Time Rolling can provide special protectors with high sand-proof and corrosion-proof capacity or high bearing capacity depending on customers’ requirements.   

Submersible Motor

Submersible MotorThe submersible motor is the prime mover for the submersible pump system. It is supplied with electrical power from surface via the ESP cable and converts this into meaningful mechanical work. The submersible electric motors provided by TR are two-pole, three-phase squirrel cage induction motors that rotate at 2, 900 rpm at 50 Hertz or 3, 500 rpm at 60 Hertz. These rugged motors are offered in a wide range of horse-power ratings, operating voltages, special insulating materials for high temperature applications and high efficiency motor configurations.

Motors are filled with a highly refined mineral oil to provide dielectric strength, lubrication for bearing carries the load of the rotors. Heat generated by the motor is dissipated in the well fluid as it flows by the motor housing. TR ensures that only the best material and technology are used in our motors, and appropriate selections are made for the particular downhole conditions of each well.

The insulation temperature-resistant classifications are: 90 ℃, 120 ℃, 150 ℃ and 180 ℃.

The submersible motors are in eight series: 95, 114P, 114J, 114PH, 114Y, 138, 143 and 188; working voltages are: 200 V-3, 500 V; working current is: 10 A-120 A

The power magnitude of the same series motors may be combined arbitrarily. 
Besides the motors with single stage, motors may be of other three stages: upper, middle and lower stages. They are fitted with spline coupling. These motors may be combined, according to the power magnitude required by the electric submersible pumps.

Time Rolling can also provide synchronous submersible motors as required by customers.

Downhole Sensor System

The temperature and pressure measuring device is in-stalled on the tail of the electric submersible pump set. It is used to measure downhole (where the pump is situated) temperature and pressure.

It consists of downhole primary instruments and secondary instruments.
The value measured can be displayed numerically and saved.
Two models are available: Model YJ-1 and Model YJ-2. 

Submersible Cables

Submersible Cables Time Rolling provides a complete range of cables suitable for all ESP applications. When selecting a pump cable, careful consideration is needed in order to meet anticipated mechanical, temperature and chemical stresses. Efficiency and reliability are the most critical factors for the entire system.

All the cables are in either flat or round configurations. The flat configuration is optional when the standard round cable cannot fit in the well due to limited space between the down-hole tubing string and well casing.

Time Rolling can also supply a full range of motor lead extensions (MLE).
The cables are manufactured according to all applicable API standards.

Technical Parameters

Working voltage: 3-6 kV
Working temperature: 90-204 ℃ 

Our switchboard is designed to protect the pumping system from malfunctions and premature failures by positive shutdowns based on pre-programmed alarm parameters, and preventing restart until it is deemed safe. 

These control panels can be simple units with push button magnetic contacts and overload protection or more complex assemblies with fused disconnects, recording ammeters, 
underload and overload protection signal lights, timer for automatic restarts and instruments for automatic remote control.

Time Rolling can provide switchboard of four standard sizes: 400 V, 1000 V, 2000 V and 3000 V.

Applicable Conditions
Altitude: 2, 000 m max. 
Ambient temperature: -30 ℃  to 50 ℃
Relative humidity:  85% max.
No flammable and explosive medium, no gas sufficient to corrode and break the insulation; 
No conductive dusk or serious shock;  

Technical Parameters
Power frequency: 3 phase, 50 Hz and 60 Hz
Working voltage: 400 V-4.2 kV Working current: 0-200 A


Submersible Pump Transfromer

The special-purpose transformer for electric submersible pump is oil-immersion self-cooling and outdoor type, and the power input is a 3-phase, 3-wiring system.

The output voltage may be regulated in 5 shifts, 7 shifts and other shift modes. Transformer windings have two kinds of structures: duplex winding and triplex winding.

Time Rolling can supply transformers with low tension winding according to customers’ requirements, 

and provide special purpose transformers with various sizes of wide frequency bands

Environmental Conditions:
Altitude:  2, 000 m max.
Ambient temperature: -45 ℃  to 45 ℃
Technical Parameters:
Input voltage: 0.4 kV, 6 kV, 10 kV,  and 35 kV
Output voltage: 0.4 kV-3 kV
Rated capacity: 10 kVA-830 kVA 

Configurations of ESP Downhole System

ESP Downhole System

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