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Sodium Sulphate Anydrous

Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous / Sodium Sulfate Anhydrous  (SSA)- China leading supplier! 

When using sodium sulphate anhydrous / sodium sulfate anhydrous (SSA) as the raw materials for detergent industry or glass industry, stable quality, fast delivery, cost-effectiveness are always the primary factors of our consideration. Time Rolling’s sodium sulphate anhydrous can always meet all your business needs. 

Time Rolling’s sodium sulphate anhydrous / sodium sulfate anhydrous (SSA) plant is advanced in both design and technology. It was built with 400,000-500,000mt output per annum, which guarantees high stability sodium sulphate anhydrous to worldwide clients with a short production cycle and speedy delivery.

Sodium Sulphate Anydrous- manufacture China

Breakbulk shipment/sodium sulphate anhydrous (SSA) - suitable for 1.0 mt  jumbo bag, 25 kg bags in with 1.0 mt jumbo bags out or loose bulk packing.

Time Rolling is also experienced in sodium sulphate anhydrous (SSA) breakbulk shipment. We have regular vessels in South America and Africa shipment routes. 

Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous -breakbulk shipment

For orders of 3,000 mt-20,000 mt sodium sulphate anhydrous (SSA), which are in the range of our regular break-bulk shipment services, you are guaranteed for fast delivery, excellent after-sale  services and a very competitive price.

For orders of a few hundreds tons of sodium sulphate anhydrous (SSA), you are also welcome to contact us to check for the possibility of break-bulk shipment. We serve a large number of international customers including South American clients with small quantity sodium sulphate anhdrous (SSA) break-bulk shipment orders. A significant saving in freight cost is also guaranteed.  

Trust Time Rolling’s experienced professional team with your sodium sulphate anhydrous (SSA) requirements? Talk with us directly today to begin the process. sales@timerolling.com


Container Shipment/Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous (SSA) - suitable for 25 kg bags, 50 kg bags or 1.0 mt jumbo bag packing. 

If you only need container shipment of Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous (SSA), Time Rolling is a good choice for you too. We provide quick and safe services/deliveries. 

Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous Container Shipment

Trust Time Rolling’s experienced professional team with your sodium sulphate anhydrous (SSA) requirements? Talk with us directly today to begin the process. sales@timerolling.com

Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous (SSA) Specification

Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous
Molecular formula: Na2SO4
Guaranteed Technical Specifications: 





Purity (as Na2SO4)

98.5% min.


Water Insolubles

0.1% max.



0.3% max.


Chloride (as Cl-)

0.7% max.


Iron (as Fe)









Used as materials for synthetic detergent, glass, paper making, inorganic salts, dyestuff, alcohol 
fiber, tanning, 
metal smelting, surface treatment and filler industries etc.

Sodium sulphate anhydrous for detergent

Packing: In 25 kg, 50 kg pp bag or 1.0 mt jumbo bag.

Please note: 
If you have any special requirements to sodium sulphate anhydrous purity or chloride content,  you are most welcome to 
contact us directly, we can  meet your specific needs.

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