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Oil & Gas Drilling
Well Testing Surface

Sand Separator/Sand Traps, Filter Type/ Cyclone Type

Time Rolling offers 5,000 psi, 10,000 psi, 15,000 psi 20,000 psi anti-sulphur sand separator system to prolong the service life of well testing equipments. 

Vessel: ASME VIII(Div 2)
Flange & Fittings: API 6A
Piping: API 6A
Gate Valve: API 6A
Service: NACE MR-01-75

It is widely used for well testing, hydraulic fracturing clean-up and coil tubing or snubbing workover. 

Well Test Surface

Emergency Shutdown System(ESD)

During a testing process, the emergency shutdown system controls the surface safety valve on the flow head and permits manual or remote closure in response to pipe leaking or breaking, fire, etc. The ESD system is also used to reopen the valve and, if needed, can control an additional surface safety valve upstream of the choke.

Emergency Shutdown System

Steam Heat Exchanger
Steam Heat Exchanger

The steam heat exchanger is the direct steam heat exchange equipment primarily used for raising the temperature of oil-gas-water three-phase mixture from an oil well to ensure the three phase testing separator to work under the normal temperature.

The work principle is the steam gas from the steam generator directly enters into the shell of the heat exchanger with the help of pressure and heats up the coil directly and thus the media in the coil was heated up indirectly.

The coil is divided into two sections, the upstream and downstream sections, in between is an adjustable nozzle for adjusting the flow rate of the fluid in the downstream coil so as to realize more sufficient heat exchange.

Surge Tank

Surge Tank The role of surge tank is to confirm a separator’s oil flow meters data and measure the production of oil. When it is used to wash well without using a separator or a burner, we can safely choke of the low pressure gas to a safe area.

To provide a buffer to the separator‘s crude oil, it is convenient to use an oil transfer pump rather than the separator pressure to send crude oil to the burner.

It is convenient to use suitable flow and pressure to transfer oil, and achieve good combustion.

Measuring Tank
Measuring Tank

The role of measuring tank is measuring oil, water discharged from the separator.

Oil can be directly injected into the measuring tank. According to level measurement feet and liquid face, the oil-water production can be measured well. 

Since the Measuring tank  is attached a crude-oil transfer pump, it is convenient to load and transport oil and water.

Transfer Pumps

Transfer Pumps

Two sets of centrifugal oil transfer pumps are mounted on the crude-oil transfer pump skid. One is in operation and the other is stand-by.

An explosion proof operating pole and a relevant valve manifold are configured.

A union connection is adopted. The whole equipment will be supplied in a complete skid.

Chemical Injection Pump

Chemical Injection PumpThe chemical injection pump injects chemicals into various sets of chemical equipments.

It is mainly used in power plants, refine, oil exploration, offshore drilling platforms, water treatment plants and other fields.

This series of chemical injection pump sets adopt imported pneumatic chemical injection pumps, driven by gas, they do not require any power supply. It is safety explosion-proof, especially useful for occasions that require explosion-proof.

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