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Oilfield Chemicals

Time Rolling’s experienced and expertise team provides customer-made and one-stop solutions/products for the needs of oilfield chemicals including drilling fluid products, cementing additives, workover & completion fluid products, production chemicals, and fracturing fluid products. You can acquire such chemicals and additives that have the same high-quality and high-performance as those world leading brand products but at low costs. 

Drilling Fluid Products
Time Rolling’s oil-based & water-based additives can improve efficiencies and save cost.
The high quality oil and gas drilling grade bentonites offered by Time Rolling include: API bentonite and high yield bentonite.
Additives to prevent bacteria degradation. TRIAZINE, GLUTARALDEHYDE.
Corrosion Inhibitors
Additives to control drilling tools’ corrosion, include amine corrosion inhibitor, imidazolidine corrosion inhibitor, basic zinc carbonate and Zn(OH)2•ZnCO3 etc.
Additives to reduce fluid foaming action include Polyether defoamer, Aluminum Stearate Defoamer, Sillicone Defoamer, Aluminum Stearate Base Defoamer, Defoamer TRDFO-1. 
Additives to build emulsion mud. SPAN-80, TWEEN-60
Filtration Reducers
Chemicals used to reduce fluid loss include CMC LV/HV, PAC LV/HV, modified starch, and sulfonated phenol formaldehyde resin, sulfonated lignite SPNH, high temperature fluid loss additive TRF-150S, inverse emulsion polymer TRF-250L, modified sulfomethylated phenolic resin TRSMP-150S,  

Products to increase the viscosity of water-based drilling fluids suitable for high temperature, saline water, deep well drilling with filtration reducing.
Foaming Agents
Surfactant for facilitating formation of foam in well drilling.

H2S Scavengers 
The TRHS series products have good water solubility. They reacts preferentially with the H2S and the reaction is not inhibited by the CO2, avoiding unnecessary chemical consumption. The all can be injected at surface and down hole.
Lost Circulation Materials
Processed plant fibre for preventing lost circulation, environment friendly. Lost Circulation Additive TRL250S, TRL-450S (Coutertype to KWIK seal.)
Chemicals for reducing friction include extreme pressure/high temperature liquid lubricant, graphite powder, polyalcohol, emulsified paraffin.  
PH Control  
Chemicals for controling the PH value of drilling fluid, include caustic soda, citric acid, soda ash, and sodium bicarbonate.
Pipe Freeing Compounds
Compound chemical solutions to free stuck pipes.
Shale Inhibitors
Additives to inhibit reactive shale in most water-based drilling fluids, non-toxic and environment friendly. Shale Inhibitor KPAM, polyglycol TRSC-350L, Emulsion asphalt shale inhibitor TRAS-1, Sulfonated asphalt shalte inhibitor TRSC-160L, POTASSIUM ACETATE
For reducing the interfacial tension between liquids and other contacting surfaces.
The dispersants for most of the drilling muds include ferrochrome lignosulphonate(FCLS), chrome free lignosulfonate, sulfonated lignite and high temperature polymer thinner etc.
A range of products for increasing the viscosity of drilling fluids include CMC HV, PAC HV, KPMA, PHPA, Xanthan Gum API Grade Disperse/None-Disperse

Weighting Materials 
Time Rolling provides API standard Barite Ore/Powder to increase fluid density. 

Cementing Additives
Time Rolling offers a wide variety of specialized cementing additives for any special needs of your wells.
Accelerators, used to shorten the setting and strength development of cement slurry, and to reduce the WOC and rigging times,  include TRCA951L/TRCA953S/ TRCA959S.
Anti-migration Additives
High molecular resilient polymer to enhance the flexibility of set cement and prevent gas migration.
Chemicals that can help minimize foaming in cement slurries. Defoamer TRD100 for saline slurries and latex slurries; Defoamer TRG653 for fresh water slurries and saline slurries.
Time Rolling’s dispersants, including dispersant TRCD-260L/TRCF90 can improve cement slurry rheology with little retarding effect. 
Fluid Loss Additives   
For controlling fluid leakoff with the anti-migration function, our additives have excellent property of temperature and salt resistance, good performance including slurry gas channelling,  short thickening time and transition time etc. The models include TRCG-250L, TRG110S, TRXF-250L etc.
Free Chrome Lignosulfonate 
The chemical has excellent thinning performance and filtration control capacity, and is  non-toxic, non-corroding, and environment friendly.
With the properties of low fluid loss, good rheology, anti-migration and good flexibility etc., our products include anti-freezing latex TRCT-850L and salt-resistant latex TRCT-930L.
Light-weight and Strength-enhancing Materials 
To make low-density cement slurry, our product can enhance compressive strength development and reduce fluid and cement permeability.  
For increasing the set time/thickening time of cement slurries, we offer retarder low temperature TRXR-250L, retarder high temperature TRCR-310L/TRCR-350L  
Suspending Agent
Time Rolling offers high temperature suspending agent TRCJ-350S, which can significantly improve the sedimentation stability of cement slurry in high temperature. 
Loss Prevention Material
It can form fibrous network across highly permeable or micro-fractured formations to prevent slurry loss.
Weighting Material 
The inorganic materials is for increasing the density of cement slurries.

Workover & Completion Fluid Products
You can find cost-effective chemicals for your workover and completion fluid applications as follows:  
Calcium Bromide (Liquid or Powder)
Calcium Chloride 94% (Powder or Pellet)
Potassium Formate (Powder or Liquid)
Sodium Bromide (Liquid or Powder)  

Production Chemicals
For solving the transfering problems of petroleum products, we offer
Crude Oil Demusifier, and
Crude Oil Pour Point Depressant

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