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Drill collars

Slick Drill Collar

Drill Collar

Time Rolling slick drill collars are made from 4145H modified chromium-molybdenum alloy steel according to API Spec 7.

All threads can be phosphated, 
copperised or cold working. 

All threads are machined with CNC Lathes-Double- Shouldered and a special thread, the max. diameter of the drill collar is 14 inches.  

Non-magnetic Drill Collar

Non-magnetic Drill CollarThe materials of the Time Rolling's non-magnetic drill collars are made from chrome manganese, low carbon obtained by combining a proprietary chemical analysis and a rotary hammer process. 

The material is 
resistant to stress corrosion cracking, with high machine ability and without tendency to gall. 

Magnetic permeability (when MPS=1105/4Nm) relative max μr:1.010. Magnetic field gradient 
(hot spots) max: B 0.05micro tesla/100mm.


Spiral Drill Collar

Spiral Drill Collar The spiral drill collars are made from 4145H modified chromium-molybdenum alloy steel according to API Spec 7.

All threads can be phosphated, copperised or 
cold working. They are machined with CNC Lathes-Double-Shouldered and a special thread, the max. diameter of the spiral drill collar is 14 inches. 
Out diameter: 3 7/8"~ 14"(inch) Depth of cut: 4.0 ~ 11.9 (mm) Length: 9,150+150(mm)

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