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Automatic Capsule/Tablet Counter

Automatic Capsule/Tablet Counter

Automatic Capsule tablet counter

Time Rolling's Automatic Capsule/ Tablet Counters are widely used for tablets (including special shaped tablets), capsules, gels (including special shaped gels, transparent gels and opaque gels) pills and most solid granules.

Our Automatic Capsule/ Tablet Counter owns patents:
1,Bottle separation and switching device, will not damage the pills.
2,Half vibration-filling hopper, to avoid pills from getting jammed. Especially for the smaller mouth bottle conditions.
3.Anti-dust function. Time Rolling's Automatic Capsule/ Tablet Counter equipped anti-dust sensor technology. It is highly stable in heavy dusty situation, works with accuracy.

Automatic Capsule/ Tablet Counter

Proprietary right technology for anti-disturbance:
Our Automatic Capsule/ Tablet Counter's counting signal will be deal in special advanced way, and communicate with the control system in high-speed and avoid any kind of disturbance.

The feed-in and feed-out conveying system shall be integrated with the filler equipment. The empty bottle positioning, bottle missing can be checked out for filling correctly.

Controled by Touch PC:
Dual version Chinese & English, can store multi-group set of 
parameters; multi-level password management system,to protect the data.
Our Automatic Capsule/ Tablet Counter is easy to Maintain, operators can operate with simple training, easy to remove, clean, change parts, and no need of professional tools. It can significantly save your cost with excellent capsule/ softgel/ tablet counting performance. 


Automatic Capsule/Tablet Counter

Max. Capacity:

2~6,000 pcs/min for Dia 5mm Tablet Max. 
   20-90 BPM; 9000-40500 Bottles/Shift; 
   Capacity is subject to the type and size of the
   bottles and raw materials,.


   000-5# capsules, soft gels, 
   ф21 normal tablets, ф20 pills. 
   special shape tablets, coating tabletsand
 other solid granules

Size of Tablet

   Dia 21 mm Max.

Filling Erro

   ≤2‰ bottles


   AC 220 V, sngle phase, 50/60Hz


   1200 W



Control System


Overall Dimension



   410 kg

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