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TR Packaging- Tablet Press Machine TRPT D Series

TRPT D series high speed rotary tablet press machine is new high speed rotary tablet press
designed to provide high performance and reliability. It has
excellent standardization and modularity in series. 
The TRPT D series high speed rotary tablet press
machines are very cost-effective for
pharmaceutical packaging. 

Main Features
All parts in contact with the product are made of SS316/304
   or other FDA-approved materials.

PLC control
Main parts from world leading brands include SIEMENS,

Reliable overall sealing and dust-proof system.
High visibility isolated door to prevent cross contamination.  
Easy remove parts for maintenance.
360 degree for easy observation and cleaning.

Excellent Tablet Pressing System             
Pre-pressure and main pressure, compact design and five-pole
construction to ensure no deforming upon heavy load pressure,
long doing well time and steady performance, increasing tablet Excellent tablet pressing system
weight accuracy and tablet hardness control.      

Force Feeding System                       
High precision, easy removed force feeder with two agitators
for improving granule fluidity to ensure precision feeding for
tablet press.

Automatic Tablet Weight Control System       
TRPT D series tablet press machines use PLC control system
with POD interface for operation, automatic tablet weight
tolerance monitoring and controlling.

Reliable Electric System
Advance control theory and reliable electrical components and
spare parts from world leading suppliers to ensure program
control and interlock protection.

Central Lubrication System             
Intermittent rated tiny flow auto pressure lubrication system
with high precision central lubrication pump and distributing
value to ensure full lubrication punches and tracks as well
as to avoid lubrication contamination.  

Main Technical Data for TRPT D26  
Quantity of Punch & Die: 26 sets
Tooling Type: D
Main Pre-pressure: 30 kN
Max. Pressure: 100 kN
Max. Dia. of Tablet: 25 mm
Max. Thickness of Tablet: 10 mm
Max. Depth of Filling: 20 mm
Middle Die Diameter: 38.1 mm
Punch diameter: 25.35 mm
Rotation Speed: 110 rpm
Production Capacity: 171,600 t/h
Voltage: 380/50 (V/Hz)
Motor Power: 7.5 kW
Outside Size: 820×1100×1750 mm
Weight: 1,600 kgs

Dust Collector TRCJ-1.1
It’s widely used to clean dust on the equipment and in the
environment of industrial production, such as medicine,
Tablet press dust collector
foods, chemical and industries etc. All parts in contact
with the product are made of
the stainless steel.

Main Technical Data for TRCJ-1.1
Air-breathing Volume: 360 m3/h
Min. Vacuum Target: 19,500 pa
Total Power: 1.1 kW
Overall Size: 700*460*1030 mm
Weight: 70 kgs

Vacuum Conveyor TRVC-1
The third generation vacuum convey uses multi-stage ejector vacuum conveyor for tablet press
pump and metal filter. It can be used for powder and
granules. It has the function of eliminate the static electricity.

Main Features
Using compressed air as primary energy sources
According with GMP standard
Solving the stratification of powder and granules
The filters made of Ti will never be jammed and be abraded
Eliminate the static electricity
Made of nontoxic and corrosion resistant materials
Leakage free capsule, to prevent cross contamination
Materials are not adhering to the inner surface of the conveyor
Intelligent control and high automation
Modular structure, easy to clean and dismantle

Main Technical Data for TRVC-1
Transportation Ablitiy: 350 kgs
Air Pressure: 0.6 mpa
Air Consume: 180 L/min
Overall Size: Dia.140*560 mm
Weight: 35 kgs

Tablet Deduster TRFQ-300
tablet deduster
The TRFQ-300 Tablet deduster is an auxiliary mechanism of
high tablet press to remove some powder stuck on surface
of tabletsin pressing process, it’s widely used in chemical,
pharmaceutical, food industies.
It’s used in conveying
tablets, lump drugs or granules with dustlessness and
be suitable for joinning with an absorber or blower as
vacuum cleaner with high efficiency, better dust-free
effect, lower noise and easy maintenance.

Main Technical Data for TRFQ-300
Productivity: 550,000 t/h
Max. Noise: 82 db max.
Dust Scope: 3 m
Atmospheric Pressure: 0.2 mpa
Overall Size: 410*410*880 mm
Weight: 35 kgs

Metal Detector TRTF-II
Metal Detector

This metal detector is mainly used for metal impurities
detecting in tablet press production line.

Main Technical Data for TRTF-II
Sensitively (fe) : ¢1.0 mm
Sensitively (s.s): ¢2.0 mm
Detection Width: 400 mm
Detection Height: 150 mm
Motor Power: 1.5 kW
Overall Size: 1300*830*1000 mm
Weight: 300 kgs

For more information about TR packaging machines, you are
most welcome to email sales@timerolling.com

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