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TR Packaging- Vertical Stick/Sachet Packaging Machine

Two dosing units for powder and granule each,

form and sealing.
Specification:Powder Granule Stick Packaging Machine
Time Rolling TRF-340B Automatic Vertical Packaging Machine
is a compact, economical solution for packing all kinds of free
and sluggish-flowing powder and granule products by a single
machine. It is designed and produced for producing high
quality stick or sachets. It can automatically complete the
whole packaging processes including dosing, form/sealing
and date printing etc.

Auger feeder dosing unit and volumetric filling unit are
   combined in one set machine.

This machine’s drive control center uses PLC system.
Operation through a super touch screen.
The control precision is very high and the sealing
   performance is excellent. The finished sticks and
   sachets are flat and nice-looking.

Photocell for film alignment
The noise is very low.  
Our machine uses advanced design. It can significantly
   reduce the packaging materials loss.

Stainless steel front plate. The contact parts are made
   from SS316 or SS304 as per our clients’ requirements.

It conforms to the standard of GMP.
Compact footprint.


Auger dosing unitpowder and granule packaing
The advanced auger feeder dosing system for sluggish flowing
powder has 2 brushless motors
for vibration and feeding.
The auger is driven by a stepping motor for high precision

The auger can be easily changed according to different
   dosing volume.

Contact materials are all made of SS316.

Volumetric filling group
Volumetric dosing unit with quality cups for free flowing powder
and granule having the following characteristics:
Cups can be easily changed according to different dosing

Contact materials are all made of SS316.

Stickpack horizontal sealing and cutting
Cold Hydraulic cutting after hot sealing can offer excellent
sealing with clean and neat cutting performance.

1st step hot sealing High quality Stickpack Packaging Machine
2nd step cold hydraulic cutting.
The Cold hydraulic cutting knife are suitable for high quality
serrated cutting, round cutting and  straight cutting etc.

For more information about TR packaging machines, you are most welcome to email sales@timerolling.com

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