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The filler of detergent powder− Sodium sulphate / sodium sulfate

Sodium sulfate is a chemical compound that can be found as a mineral in nature. Sodium sulfate, used as a filler in detergent powder, enables the adjustment of theconcentration of the active matter in the detergent, as required. Sodium sulfate is added to make the detergent powder flow freely. Without it, the detergent would easily stick together and become one big block. Sodium sulfate can also reducethe cost of detergent powder. 

Sodium sulfate is cheap and user-friendly. Its maximum dosage in detergent powder production can be approximately 35%.A large amount of sodium sulfate has been consumed by detergent factories during the past 30 years. Time Rolling’s advanced sodium sulfate factory was built with a capacity of 400,000-500,000mt output per annum, which guarantees most cost-effective and high-quality sodium sulfate to worldwide clients with a short production cycle and fast delivery.

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